Frequently Asked Questions

Managing your subscription is straightforward and fully within your control. To make any changes, such as cancelling, upgrading, or downgrading your subscription, please navigate to the "My Account" section after logging into our website. From there, you'll have the option to end your current subscription. Following this, you can explore our various subscription options, select the one that best aligns with your needs, and complete your new subscription purchase at checkout.

Yes, you can sign up for multiple subscriptions. However, you’ll need to create new accounts with different logins and passwords for each additional plan.

If you receive a damaged or unplayable disc, requesting a replacement is simple. Just place a single disc order for any title of your choice, and we'll promptly send it to you. Please include a note specifying the number found on the upper right corner of the damaged disc, and indicate that it's a replacement order. Rest assured, this replacement will not count against your billing cycle allotment.

No, but we have a wish list! Build your wish list and refer back to it for movies you want to include in current and future orders. Movies from your wish list aren’t automatically sent; you must place them in an order.

No, you can place a new order when you choose. Include your RETURNING order notes (order# or movie titles) in the order notes field during checkout to help us process your order efficiently.

Our email functionality is under construction and will be available soon

We typically ship orders within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday, except on postal holidays/closures. Returning movies to the website inventory also occurs on these days. Delivery time is currently 6 to 8 days in the mail stream.

We guarantee order allotments for your chosen subscription as long as orders are placed within your billing cycle and returned efficiently. NO ROLLOVERS allowed. Due the inconsistancies with USPS we offer freedom in ordering. A good rule of thumb is to place an order  every 4-5 days to keep a consistant flow of movies deliverded to you.

Currently, we offer email support at

You can leave a review/feedback on the website under your current plan or on platforms like BBB or Trust Pilot.

No, Subscriptions are managed through automatic payments and are processed differently from individual disc orders. When discs are added to the starting point of a subscription, they often go unnoticed because our team does not manually review subscription items the same way we do for individual disc orders. As a result, these discs may not be shipped, leading to unfulfilled orders and disappointment. To ensure that all your disc orders are processed and shipped as expected, please place them separately from your subscription. This helps us to provide you with the best service and ensures that your discs are dispatched without any issues.